Play Pontoon Blackjack for free

Pontoon is essentially the British version of the popular blackjack game. That being said, Pontoon is extremely popular across the globe now, so can be played in most good online casinos in a range of different stakes.

The points system in Pontoon is similar to the original game. The player places a bet and then the dealer deals the player four cards. Two of the cards will be face up and two will be face down. The dealer in this game will not have a face up card.

When a player gets Pontoon, they have an Ace as their card to the value of 10, essentially their “blackjack”. This bet and win will payout the player at 2:1. This is a much better payout than traditional game which only pays out 3:2.

Most people relate Pontoon with the old “Five Card Trick”. This is a hand of 5 cards that does not bust and of course, all of these hands have the same value regardless of their point count. A Pontoon will actually bust a 5 card trick, but the trick will beat every other hand and will pay out a player 2:1.